vision and objectives

When the University of Technology was established on 04/1/1975, the Youth Welfare Department was formed, linked to the Assistant President of the University for Student Affairs. The Youth Welfare Department consisted of:


1- Directorate of Physical Education.


2- Directorate of Culture and Arts.


3- Directorate of Interior Departments.


4- University Registration Directorate.


The first director of physical education was Mr. Shamil Kamel and the first director of culture and arts, the famous painter Aidan Al-Sheikhly.


In 1981, the Directorate of Physical Education was merged with the Directorate of Culture and Arts under the name of the Directorate of Youth Welfare.


In 1985, culture and arts were abolished, and in 1991 the Directorate of Physical Education became the university sports unit linked to the assistant president of the university, and after 2004 it became the directorate of university sports and artistic activity.


In 2011, the name of the Directorate of University Sports and Artistic Activity was changed to the Department of Physical Education and Artistic Activity.


In the year 2015, the name of the department was changed to the Student Activities Department until now.


A new structure has also been added to the department, where the department consists of the Sports Activity Division, the Scout Activity Division, the Fitness Division, the Technical Activity Division, and the Media Unit.



1- Develop students' talents, refine them, and direct them to occupy free time in a positive and beneficial manner.

2- Contributing to the integration of building the student’s personality in the future (leadership/assuming responsibility/self-confidence/cooperation/sacrifice/self-denial……).

3- Forming good relations between the student, the faculty member and the employee at the university by involving them in unified sports and artistic activities.

4- Spreading sports awareness, sports culture and correct teachings.



The department seeks to keep pace with the development and increase in the volume of programs that go hand in hand with the development of the university, in quantity and quality. The development of activity plans comes

Through the participation of the student and the university sports teacher.