Department Manager's Speech



Since the establishment of the Department of the Student Activities in 1975, it was called Youth Welfare Department at that time. Its affiliates have been entertaining the student by engaging students in sports and artistic activities.

Holding various sports tournaments, various artistic festivals and camping, which contribute to raising the level of students’ awareness, the expansion of their perceptions, and the wonderful psychological impact on them, which pushes them to academic excellence and to contribute to initiatives.

 The department is developing aspects that affect the educational process and in an effort to prepare and direct The new generation and the youth according to the goals we seek.

That the students play a clear and influential role in our time and participate in a distinguished activity

In building society, deepening its path, and moving towards the realization of the self of humanity, the Student Activities Department at the University of Technology. The department is

Preparing a programmed plan for the units of physical education in the scientific and engineering departments and in response to the tendencies and desires of students to achieve integration

In the personality of the individual in terms of the physical and intellectual aspects, and the refinement of their social behavior, by participating in sports festivals, youth gatherings and scout camping. As well as the work of our department, through its programs, in investing the students' free time

Making them getting familiar with cooperation and teamwork and contribute to the preparation and prior planning of the university championship races with organized and individual games.

The University of Technology is thankful for providing the necessary requirements for the departments of the field among students, teachers and employees

Practicing sports and art, as well as investing students’ free time in expressing their efforts and willingness in building our country.



Asst. Prof. Dr. Najah Salman Hamid                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Manager of the Department