Work Plan

Department of Student Activities has well-studied and scheduled plans for sports and artistic activities that are being hold throughout the entire academic year:


A- Sports activities:

1- Establishing sports tournaments for the scientific and engineering departments of the university (male and female)

Such as university championship (football, basketball, volleyball, handball, table tennis, chess and tennis).

2- Establishing university football championship for teachers and affiliates.

3- Organizing sports and health seminars.

4- Organizing development courses for members of Department of Student Activities (Training and Referee Courses).

5- Participation in tournaments organized by the Ministry of Higher Education with Iraqi universities.


b- Technical activities:

1- Organizing a poetry festival.

2- Holding a students' drawing exhibition and affiliates.

3- Organizing theatrical festival.

4- Organizing courses to teach painting, calligraphy and sculpture.

5- Participating in university activities organized by the Ministry.