Table Tennis Match Between Architectural Eng. Dept. and Computer Sciences Dept.

09 December 2021

Architectural Eng. Dept. won a title of U.O.T.  Table Tennis Championship for female students and Computer Sciences Dept. for male students for the academic year 2021-2022, whose competitions were concluded on Wednesday, 8th Dec. 2021 at Student Activities Department hall with the presence of Vice- President for Administrative Affairs Prof. Dr. Hussein H. Karim and a number of department heads Engineering and scientific department and director of student activities at the university, lecturers and students of the university.

Architectural Eng. Dept. won the title after its player Hareer Muthanna won over student Olaa AbdulKarim from Electromechanical Eng. Dept. in two groups against one group "11-9 points, 10-12, 11-4" in the final match.

The student, Zahra Hashim/ Computer Science Dept., got third place, and the student, Thuraya Sabah, from Civil Eng. Dept., got third place, repeatedly. 13 players participated in the tournament.

The player Hareer Muthana won the title by defeating Zahraa Salman from Laser and Optoelectronics Eng. Dept. and Zahraa Hashim from Computer Sciences Dept. in the semi-finals.

In the student competitions, Computer Sciences Dept.  won the title after its player Abdullah Rashid won the final match over the student Feisal Muhammad from Petroleum Technology Dept. in two groups without a response “11-2, 11-5”.

The student, Nouri Sabah from Materials Eng. Dept., got third place, and Moataz Nabil from Control and Systems Eng. Dept. got the third place.

The player Abdullah Rashid won first place by defeating Ali Moataz from Communications Engineering, Mahmoud Nasser from Mechanical Engineering, Hussain Salman from Computer Engineering, and Moataz Nabil from Control and Systems Engineering in the semi-finals.

40 players representing all scientific and Eng. Depts. at the university participated in the tournament.

The Vice President of Administrative Affairs distributed individual and group awards to winners of the first places in the male and female championship and to the referees of the championship, Asst. Prof. Dr. Luma Akram, Abdullah Adnan, Waleed Natiq, Ahmed Mahmoud and Ali Ghanem.