Students of Materials Eng. Dept. & Students of Laser Eng. Dept. Win U.O.T. Chess Championship

27 December 2021

Materials Eng. Dept.  won the University of Technology Chess Championship for students, and the Laser and Optical Electronics Eng. Dept.  won first place for female students in the championship competitions held by Student Activities Department at U.O.T.  for the academic year 2021-2022 in cooperation with the Iraqi Central Chess Federation in the department hall on Wednesday, Dec. 22, 2021, with the participation of 47 male and 13 female students represent the University Eng. and Scientific departments.

 The student of the Materials Engineering Department, Noori Sabah, a star of the national youth team and the Communications Club team, won the student competition title after collecting 5 points with a difference of opponents’ points over runner-up Ali Laith, player of Eng. Dept. team, and he came in third place, Mua'amel Muhammad, player of computer science team, with 4 points.

Noori Sabah managed to win the title by winning all five rounds over Abdul Karim Imad from Petroleum Technology, Taher Falah from Biomedical Eng., Hussein Kamal from Mechanical Eng., Basil Majed from Civil Eng. and Muhammad Riyadh from Electrical Eng., while student Ali Laith won in his five matches. Ali Amin Emad from Mechanical Engineering, Ahmed Hamed from Communications Eng. , Ahmed Saleh from Civil Eng., Mohamed Abdul-Sada from Electromechanical Eng., and Mua'amel Muhammad from Computer Science.

 The student from Laser Eng. Dept., Rowaida Saad Mohsen, the star of the women’s national team and the goal club team, won the first place in female competitions with 5 points, by winning full mark in the five rounds over the students, Maryam Adnan from architectural Eng., and good news from materials engineering, Mays Khalil from production and Metallurgy Eng. , and Qabas Mustafa From architectural  Eng.  and Ola Abdul Karim from Electromechanical Eng.

 Qabas Mustafa, from Architectural Eng. Dept.  came in second place with 4 points, after breaking the tie with Mays Khalil from Production Engineering and Metallurgy, who ranked third and has the same points.

The tournament, which took place according to the Swiss system of five rounds, was led by the organizer and international referee, Saad Mohsen Al-Kinani, and the international referee, Ismail Ibrahim, who are from the Iraqi Central Chess Federation.

The tournament was supervised by Asst. Prof. Dr. Amin Th. Ahmed , Asst. Prof. Dr. Emad Jassem , Asst. Lect.  Mustafa Sobhi and Lect. Dr. Firas Farqad ,  Mr. Yasser Hassan,  Mr. Abdullah Adnan and Mr.  Haider Hamid.