The President of U.O.T. Inaugurates the Iraqi Universities Chess Championship with the Participation of 35 Teams

18 January 2022


Under the patronage of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Dr. Nabil K. Abdul -Sahib, the President of U.O.T., Prof.  Dr. Ahmed M. Hassan Al-Ghaban inaugurated the Iraqi Universities Chess Championship for male and female students on Sunday, January 16, 2022, in the presence of Vice- President of the University for Scientific Affairs, Prof.  Dr. Haider Abed Dhahad Organized by Student Activities Department in the Scientific Supervision and Evaluation System in the Ministry of Higher Education and hosted by the University of Technology in cooperation with Al-Rafidain University and Al-Mustafa Colleges for the period from 16-20of Jan. at the Technology Theater hall and supervised by the Iraqi Central Chess Federation with the participation of 35 public and private universities for student competitions and 16 universities for female students that starts tomorrow, Monday.

Prof. Dr. AL Ghaban expressed his happiness with a wide participation of students of public and private universities in this sports forum, adding, "We had the honor to open this tournament by making the first move in it, which we hope will be at a distinguished level of competition.

He pointed out that the University of Technology is indeed the pioneer university in the field of chess, whether through its hosting of this tournament and over previous years, or its participation or the results of its distinguished players. Hoping that this championship will be pioneering and in fact, it is a societal message and its goal is that Iraqi universities are distinguished and hold championships, in addition to their great readiness to restore their students to the classrooms and to their university community.

The technical conference of the championship was held on January 16, 2022, in the conference hall in Control and Systems Engineering Dept.  at the university, in the presence of the assistants of the President of the University of Technology for Administrative Affairs, Prof. Dr. Hussein H. Karim, and for Scientific Affairs  Prof. Dr. Haider Abed Dhahad, directors of some student activities departments and heads of participating delegations. in the tournament.

The conference started with the reciting verses from the Holy Qur’an, then playing the national anthem, and a documentary film on the activities of student activities at the university,  Prof. Dr. Hussein H. Karim added, in the presence of its students, to the study benches, which reflected positively on all the various activities and events.

Which is a means of entertainment and talent development for students to support national teams and sports teams locally, Arab and international tournaments. He pointed out that the aim of this championship is to meet competition that unites and highlights the qualified sports talents to take the podiums in various forums. He wished all the students good luck in the tournament.

The Director of Student Activities i Department, Asst. Prof. Dr. Najah Salman, said that the tournament competitions are judged by an international jury from the Iraqi Central Chess Federation, consisting of Saad Mohsen, Ismail Ibrahim, Dhameer Jabbar, Ali Farhan, Asif Abdullah, Suaad Abdul-Amir and the federal referee Hassanin Fadhel.

The supervising committee in the technical conference on the tournament indicated that the tournament system will be within the Swiss system of nine rounds for students and 7 rounds for female students, whose competitions will start at 10 a.m. on  Monday.

The results of the first round of students resulted in the winning of Al-Mustansiriyah  University over Al-Salam University College 4-0.


With the same result, the University of Baghdad over the University College of AL Maarif, the Northern Technical University over the University of Sumer, University College  of Heritage over Ibn Sina University for Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, the University of Al-Nahrain over the College of Al-Farabi, the University of Babylon over Al - Mustafa University, Al-Noor University College over the University of Information and Communication Technology, and the University of Thi -Qar over the Tigris University College. With a score of 3-1, the National University of Science and Technology defeated the University of Wasit.

Al Ain University over Al-Rafidain University College, the University of Mosul is over the University College of Architecture, and the Future University College over the University of Uruk, and the University of Diyala over the University College of Mesopotamia. Al-Bayan University over  Al-Hillah University College 2.5 to 1.5, and the University of Technology equal 2-2 with the University of Nineveh, and with the same result, the University of Karbala with the Central Technical University.