center activities

As a contribution to the initiatives of work instructed by  the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to develop aspects that affect the educational process and in an effort to prepare and guide the new generation and youth according to the goals we seek, that students play clear and influential role in currently and participate effectively in building society, strengthening  its path and heading towards self-realization Humanity, the Department of Physical Education and Artistic Activity at the U.O.T.  is eager to prepare a programmed plan for the units of physical education in the scientific and engineering departments and in response to the tendencies of students to achieve integration in personality of the individual in terms of physical and intellectual aspects and to refine their social behavior.

This participation included various sports, sports festivals, youth gatherings and scout camps, as well as the work of our department through its programs in investing the students’ free time and accustoming them to cooperation and teamwork.

The University of Technology is thankfully eager to provide the necessary requirements for the departments of the field in front of the largest possible number of students, teachers and employees in practicing sports and art, as well as investing the students’ free time in the beneficial contribution by bringing out the energies that seek freedom, democracy, justice and the enthusiastic in building our country.