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Assist. Ghief Programmer Zaid Samir Mahdi

Assist. Ghief Programmer Nada Aziz Abd- Al Hussien

Senior Engineer Tiba Qahtan Maarof


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Asst. Lect.  Idrees Alaa Jasim

Assist. Ghief Programmer Nada Aziz Abd- Al Hussien

Assist. Ghief Programmer Zaid Samir Mahdi

Senio Engineer Marwa Khaleel Ibrahim

Asst. Lect.  Samer Alaa Hussein

Researcher Roaa Habeeb Farhood

Senior Engineer Tiba Qahtan Maarof

Senior Engineer Yasmeen Mahmoud Khazal


Dialogue session about (Educate Children about Human Rights)   A number of
12 June 2016
 "Technical support"- Create and follow-up servers on a project for the electronic supervision of
12 June 2016
Course for Data Security   It concluded the Information and
12 June 2016